Woyo-PDR007 is just one of our dent doctor’s arsenal of tools to fix your dents!

This new Woyo-PDR007 is just one of our arsenal of tools to fix your dents by our dent doctor! The electromagnetic field moves the metal like magic in steps until we get it just right.

Come see us for the state of the art in hail, collision and mechanical repair.

“This repair shop is amazing. This family owned business does great work at fair prices and they are honest and trustworthy, a rare find in auto care. Trust all of your repairs, mechanical and body, to Hugh and Carl! We take all of our cars there.” Thank you Ellen for your review on Facebook. We appreciate your support and your business.


  • Quarter size: $75.00

  • Credit card size: $95.00

  • Size of an open hand: $150.00

  • Larger: By estimate


What is paintless dent repair?

PDR is a process whereby skilled technicians remove auto dents and dings without disturbing or damaging the paint. This means that the dents are removed in a way that doesn’t require sanding or repainting your car. Your factory finish is preserved and you save money!

How long does it take to repair dents?

A typical hail damaged car repair takes two to three days instead of two to three weeks, as is typical of conventional auto body shops.

Door dings can be repaired while you wait. No hassles trying to drop off and pick up your car.

Can all dents and hail damage be repaired using PDR?

No, some dents and hail damage are so severe that conventional methods must be used. We are always willing to take a look at your car and suggest whether or not it can be properly repaired using PDR. If it can’t be repaired using PDR we will gladly give a conventional paint repair estimate from our on-site full service auto body shop.

Can a combination of PDR and conventional auto body be used to repair hail-damaged cars?
Yes, sometimes that is the best approach when one or two of the panels are heavily damaged and others are not. In these cases we work with our auto body shop to coordinate the repair process to minimize down time and maximize the quality of the repairs.

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